Psychic Escape (2017)

My first project made entirely by me and my first foray into Unreal Engine 4. It is fairly simple as a premise, a 2.5D platformer based around a psychic escaping a shady facility.

My focus on this game was just making a load of fun mechanics that I enjoy in 2D platformers. So, I added Megaman like shooting, a dash and air dash, a double jump and a big shield that had limited charges. As learning curves go it took me a long time to even get these things to work in game, but the game was playable, I even had time to add in a boss at the end.

The animations and design are simple and you can tell when looking at the game I put the most effort into the main characters animations and designs, all the enemies are basic either jumping back and forth or not moving at all, all beginner stuff but hey I was a beginner!

Looking back this game is a bit of mess, I would put a download link so you could play it however, the game does’nt package or really run that well in the editor, (it has to be played in anything but full screen otherwise the framerate dies.) Thankfully, I can make games that run a bit better now and actually work.