Wind Up – Original (2019)

Wind Up was the final project of my final year at Norwich University of the Arts and much like my previous project was made over the course of around three months. However, I made sure it was completely different from any of my other projects so far.

With the majority of my independently made University games being entirely single player experiences with more of a focus on puzzles and level design.  I really wanted to break away from that with my final project and create something out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in areas I had avoided in previous projects. Such as making character models, dynamic cameras etc.

And Wind Up was the end result of it and i’m really happy with how it turned out but making multiplayer game through up a lot of pitfalls that I had to overcome. I learned a lot from working on and felt like I really grew as a developer and succeeded in my goal of not just making something distinct from my other projects and improving on some of the weaker aspects of my skill set but in also making a pretty fun game.