Phase It. (2019)

Phase It was made for my third year of University, It was developed over the course of around three months. After creating Cavern of Conundrums for my final hand in of my second year as part of a group, I wanted to challenge myself to make a game entirely by myself for my next project.

Building on what I had learned from puzzle and level design I did for Cavern of Conundrums, I made Phase It with a strong focus on making a game with interesting mechanics and a wide range of levels.

Considering the last game I had made entirely by myself was Psychic Escape, Phase It is a huge improvement. Considering the short time I had to make it I was really happy with overall outcome. I managed to learn a lot from the creation of this game and although my main focus was on level design and the mechanics since I was working by myself  I ended up becoming a lot more confident with creating a solid visual design and a few models for Phase it. Page/ Download Link

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