Fatalitree (2017)

Fatalitree was the product of the first Game Jam I ever took part in, it was a messy and stressful week but overall it was a positive experience. The group I worked with I worked with again on our final 2nd year project, Cavern of Conundrums.

We were given the brief of a single screen arcade game based around a theme of trees falling. Some of the plans we came up with were:

  • A multi-player game were each player would chop on each side of the tree to fall on the other.
  • A dating sim were you date different types of trees in a similar vein to Hatoful Boyfriend.
  • A game where you have to try and chop down the most trees

Amongst several other ideas that I can not quite remember, however we decided on a game where you would play a tree in a forest or national park who’s main goal is to squash as many humans as possible without being caught, a spin on “nature fighting back”.

What I actually did to help development of the game is a bit of blur as  the days just blended into one, ones things for sure is I came up with the name after a day of pun discussion with the rest of the people in the lab. I created a few various art assets mainly the menus, the ground sprite art and the actual logo. I helped out with blueprinting where I could throughout the development and made the level layout.