Home is Where the House Is (2019)

This game was created for the Global Game Jam 2019, I was in a group of four and took the responsibility of doing the blueprinting for the majority of the game and some level design, Harry was responsible for the enemy blueprinting and level design, Mia created the majority of sprite work and Becky sourced the music, sound effects, made extra sprites.

It was made over two and half days (give or take) around the theme of “What does home mean to you”. It took us a while to come up with a idea we wanted to follow but ended up settling on the idea of home as safe/ comfort zone, playing on our mutual feelings of anxiety, so we made it a time based plat-former game where the aim was just to get through the day and leave the house before you are emotional overwhelmed.

The game itself is fairly simple but i’m very happy with the end result and it was good practice for me before heading into the last bit of my University course. It also hopefully gives a good idea of how much I have progressed since my last Game Jam, that being the one that created Fatalitree.

Download Link/ Itch.io